Who We Are

We believe the truth of each human being is as unique as their life experience. Therefore, a linear one-size-fits-all teaching approach is not an effective way to inspire individual growth and spiritual expansion.
Just because we admire or are inspired by a part of someone’s life doesn’t necessarily mean we want to live their life; we just want to summon our chosen desires into our lives to bring more joy into our experience.
The information we have brought forth helps every human to fully express all of their experiences that make their life expression unique.
We honor the free will and intent of every human while providing empowering information that is useful and universal.
These are powerful tools for powerful people, even if you might think you are not there yet.

Who You Are

  • You intended to come forth into this physical realm of contrast to define what is desired.
  • You came here to connect with the energy that creates worlds, and to focus its flow toward your objects of desire.
  • Not because the objects of attention are important, but because the act of flowing creative energy is essential to your life.
  • You were born knowing that you are a powerful being, that you are good and that you are the creator of your life experience.

Everything I Desire Can Be Mine

It’s easy. It’s simple. It’s doable.
  • Acknowledge my desire.
  • Honor my desire.
  • Focus on the good feelings associated with my desire.
  • Believe that the thing I desire is coming soon.
  • Be open to the possibility that the desires I summon may be delivered by an unexpected or unintended source.
  • Know that I deserve everything that I desire and summon.
  • That’s all it takes.
  • I can learn this in a few hours, or I can take months, years, or lifetimes.


Pure Intent Workshop

  • Welcome to the Planet of Free Choice Energy
  • Potential & Form
  • The Illusion of Reality
  • Your Vibratory Existence
  • The Benevolent Universe
  • The Energy of Belief
  • The Power of Creation
  • Your Internal Guidance System
  • The Contrast of Reality
  • Free Will
  • Personal Tools and Enhancement
  • Techniques for Manifestation
  • Self-Realization Exercise
  • Summary and Closing Statements


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