Everything is energy, and all energy has the potential to vibrate at any frequency. Everything is vibrating at a specific frequency.

Sights, sounds, smells, tastes, feelings, and thoughts are all interpretations of vibrational frequencies.

Our interpretations of specific vibrational frequencies should all be viewed as equal in nature. No specific vibration is better than any other. The preferences we have developed throughout our lifetime support those vibrations which are in harmony with what we desire.

The way we feel at any moment is our personal vibrational frequency. Our attention to any vibrational frequency attracts experiences that match it.
When we feel good, we are attracting good-feeling experiences. When we feel bad, we are attracting bad-feeling experiences.

The universe does not respond to our words or actions. The universe responds to our vibrations, which emanate from what we are feeling at that moment.

We can choose better vibrational patterns that can bring forth a better experience. Deliberate choice of the better feeling changes our vibratory state when we summon new desires.

Go forth and create great things.