The human experience is not a test of self, it is a test of energy.

We did not come here to endure a life of limited choices. We came here to create new joyful experiences that express who we are in this moment. And all of this is made possible within the field of unlimited potentiality, through free will.

Think about this for a moment, if we are born and exist with free will, we live in a field of unlimited potentiality and can summon the very energies that create worlds; why do we think we have limited choices and potential? Who convinced us that we are powerless victims adrift in circumstance?

We all need to tell a better story about ourselves, not one that glorifies all that we have endured and suffered. Tell a better story not just about where we are in the present moment, but all of the wonderful things and experiences that we have summoned and will be appearing in our lives soon.

The best way to get to where we want to be is to make peace with where we are in this moment. And from there everything is possible.

Go forth and create great things.