The concept of time has been created as a measure of change. It is our perception of change that provides the illusion of linear time. We know that a certain number of hours, minutes, and seconds will pass between sunrise and sunset. But the exact moment of sunrise is an arbitrary assignment to a 24- hour clock. Did sunrise start at the first glint of light or when the landscape is partially illuminated? The moment of sunrise is an experience based on where we are located in relation to the emerging light of the rising sun.

Our accepted concepts of linear time appear to be the platform from which all events proceed. But the events we witness and experience are produced by the coalesced choices of all who were participating. The sequences and measurements of the duration of linear time are good for scheduling our daily lives, but they can be fraught with demands and limitations to be somewhere, at some time, for a period of time.

There is no past moment that flows into a future moment. There is only now and all of the possibilities that are available right now. We tend to view the past as fixed and the future as variable. But how we feel about a past event can change its relation to our present moment. We can rewrite our past through new insights and revised beliefs. Our past experiences can be reinterpreted and can change our present moment experience.

How we feel about a past experience is variable. Our present moment experience is a direct result of our evolving pattern of choices and our beliefs that emanate from them.

It’s not whether a past experience happened 30 minutes or 30 years ago, it is only relative to our present moment experience through our present moment feelings.

We should not let the choices of our past affect our present moment experience. If those past choices happened to produce joyous and exuberant experiences, then all we need to do is summon more of the same with whatever refinements we desire.

Go forth and create great things.